Who We Are

From the Well House isa student-run, faculty-advised organization that celebrates the arts and sciences. Our print issue comes out every spring and our online issue every fall. We accept original work, including photography, video, music, creative and academic writing, and all types of multimedia. We accept submissions from all over the world and selections are made through a double-blind peer-review process in order to ensure a high standard of excellence.

Publishing Rights

By submitting you are declaring that all work submitted is your own original work, you are giving From the Well House first publishing rights, and you give From the Well House permission to use any images or written material for advertising purposes.

Terms of Acceptance

If accepted, artists agree to participate in the art exhibit (September-October) at the Indiana University Kokomo Art Gallery and Live Issue on the opening day of the art exhibit. *If the submitter is not local, please supply a print of the art work to be displayed at the exhibit

What is From the Well House?

From the Well House is, as the name suggests, the IU-Kokomo Review of Arts and Sciences. What this means in a practical sense is that we are a literary, scholarly, and art publication that was formed to showcase the talents of budding as well as established artists and writers from all over the world. We are currently publishing one print issue (spring) and one online issue (fall) per academic year.

Who are the staff members?

From The Well House staff consists of students from a variety of disciplines as well as our faculty advisor, Dr. Eva White.

What do you do?

Each fall, we celebrate the past spring issue by having a From the Well House art exhibit in the campus art gallery. The exhibit opens with a “Live Issue,” featuring the artists and writers of the previous issue. The fall is also when we publish our online issue featuring multimedia art as well as writing.  At this time, we are also busy gathering submissions for the spring issue and laying out the print publication.

How does joining the Well House benefit me?

First, being on staff is going to look great on a résumé or grad school application.  You will have the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned in the classroom in a “real world” environment. Also, internships are available, so you could earn credit, as well!

This sounds great! How do I join?

Just tell us you want to do! We can be reached via email at fromthewellhouse@gmail.com. Or, you can just show up for the next meeting. It’s that easy!